Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pitch People

Went tonight to the 'Story Board Pitch Night' that Jess runs monthly and I occupied myself by attempting to sketch people this time. By the end of the night the sketches were starting to look like people!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maui Condo and Lanai

Here are a couple sketches that I did at our condo in Maui a few days before the wedding. The place was a little dated, but the view was amazing. That rattan cabinet held a stereo and a box of old CD's, and I must note how delighted I was to discover a copy Weezer's Blue album nestled in the stash. The second sketch is the view from our lanai with lots of palm trees and a clear shot of the ocean.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Back Inaction

When I think about how fast the last nearly 5 months have been, I wonder what I could have been doing in that time to warrant a drought such as this. The list forms in my mind...

There was a couple months of studying for a few exams with a false start thrown in for good measure; There was my wedding on Maui with Honeymoon on Kauai and all the preparations that entailed before the trip. Upon our return we had a couple of weeks of additional prep work for the in-town reception here in Los Angeles with family and stresses on top of that. There was my final architecture exam a couple weeks after that and then I went on deadline for my project at work. Which brings me to last week, when we went to San Diego for the legendary Comic Con, and all the insanity that came with that.

And then realize... I don't have to explain my absence to a BLOG! I was gone and now I'm back.

In the last few months I have accumulated a lot of scraps, sketches, photos and ideas which I have been eager to post. Since posts were not actually made in that time, there are a few items which will be disseminated in the days to come.

I'll start with this photo of the vast array of party favors that Jess and I put together for the guests of our reception. The story that led to this image is long and I won't write it here, but this image captures the final product of our labors.

More to come!